About Flor

FLOR - ("flower", "blossom", "bloom")

We started making soap in 2015 as a hobby.  As we started sharing our products, concepts and ideas with friends and family members we realized that while everyone enjoyed the products, everyone had different and specific skin issues that they would like us to address.  They also found it difficult to find the products they needed at local shops.    Not only were some of these products too costly but they were also full of chemicals and detergents that contradicted their intended benefits.

That’s how we started.  Our products are unique, high quality, fresh and have ingredients that are natural and geared towards aiding specific conditions and giving the body a healthier alternative.

Our products are handmade and made in small batches.  We try our best to source ingredients that are 100% natural and have plant-based ingredients, Fair Trade, Organic, without detergents, Phthalate, Sulfates, Parabens and using only natural preservatives.