Bug Bites

Bug Bites


Well, it’s here, bug season.  I live in northern Ontario, and we always say we’ve got two seasons, winter and bug season.  To make matters worse, we live by a lake.  Needless to say, I live in bug heaven: mosquitos and black flies love me.  I may as well have a bullseye on me that says ‘smorgasbord, come and get me.’

Even though I spray myself and wear a mesh shirt, I still get tons of bites.  The worst part is the itch afterwards.

However, how can we stop that horrible itch?  There is the ‘after bite’ gel option. Personally, I'm not too fond of the smell of it, don’t like all those chemicals being absorbed into my body through my skin, and I don’t find it very effective.   Another popular solution is taking an oatmeal bath.  The reason for this is because oatmeal is very soothing to the skin and helps with skin irritations.  Also, it works.

Although a great solution, I have a couple of issues with this option.  First, I do not have a bathtub. (I know, right, how can I live in such conditions).  Secondly, who has the time to take a bath every night?

I suppose we could always make an oatmeal paste, but that gets messy.

What other options are there, you ask?

I accidentally came across another great after bite option — one of the products I make works really well for getting rid of the bug bite itch.  One of my most popular products is an oatmeal soap bar that I make with paraben and detergent-free ingredients.
I started making this soap because some of my friends have very sensitive skin and couldn’t use the typical store bought soap bars.  It has become one of my best sellers because it works well on sensitive skin and some skin conditions like eczema.  I use both colloidal oatmeal (oatmeal flour that I make myself) and oatmeal flakes.

I say I accidentally came across it because I wasn’t trying to use the soap for this purpose.  This is the soap that I use daily, in the shower, and to wash my hands in the bathroom sink.  It just so happens that I was bitten on my wrist, and while I was washing my hands, I also washed my wrist.  I was shocked when I finally realized that I was no longer trying to rip my wrist out, that I stopped being itchy after I washed my wrist with the soap.  I then went to take a shower to test my theory on the rest of my body.  Yes, I have that many bites.  And to my surprise, IT HELPED!

It does make sense, it is made with oatmeal, and oatmeal soothes the skin.

Now I have a solution that does not require chemicals or time-consuming baths.  I can just wash the affected area with my soap and be itch free.

If you want to try this alternative visit my website to purchase the exfoliating oatmeal soap bar, enter the coupon code ‘bugbites’  to receive a 15% discount.

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