How to protect our pets against fleas and ticks this season

We can all agree that most of us consider our pets as a member of the family.  I find that we are often more concerned about their health and nutrition than our own.

Now that my children are adults and out of the house, my four dogs and two cats, are my children.  I always try to find the best food for them, without additional preservatives and fillers.  I even make my own all natural dog shampoo.  But spring is here, and with it, all the bugs and pests come out of hibernation.  What are we to do to prevent fleas and ticks from finding a good home in our pet’s fur?

The traditional veterinary solution is to give them medication for prevention.  But most of these medications are only effective when the flea or tick bites the animal, which, if the tick is carrying a disease, might be too late.  There are also flea collars, full of chemicals, and shampoos that often are not very good at prevention.

What can we do to ensure our pets are safe from parasites without filling them with chemicals?                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Essential Oils.

Essential oils are not only beneficial for us, humans but also our pets.  Certain oils are very effective at discouraging the fleas, ticks, and other parasites for finding a home on our pets.

Keep in mind that some essential oils are harmful to pets and you should always follow the recommended amounts for pet use.

Bellow is a recipe for both a dog shampoo and a deterrent spray.  These are for external use only.

Special Note: Make sure you avoid getting the shampoo near or into the dog’s eyes.

Flea and Tick Shampoo blend:

5 drops       Manuka oil –  is an antidote to insect  bites and stings

1 drop         Patchouli oil – among other properties, Patchouli oil, is an antiseptic,   fungicide, insecticide

2 drops       Neem oil – is a naturally occurring pesticide

6 drops       Cedarwood Atlas - antiseptic

2 drops       Thyme – antibacterial and antifungal

4 drops       Eucalyptus lemon – prevents mosquito and tick bites

Blend the above oils together.  Add four drops of the blend to 150 ml of natural shampoo.

Use this shampoo as needed.

Deterrent Spray:

Add eight drops of the above blend to 240 ml of distilled water.  Pour into a spray bottle and spray your pets liberally with the mixture.

These are effective natural solutions to keep your pets safe this spring and summer.

Manuka oil –  is an antidote to insect bites and stings

Patchouli oil – among other properties, Patchouli oil, is an antiseptic,   fungicide, insecticide

Neem oil – is a naturally occurring pesticide. It has a very pungent, unpleasant scent for us, but it is very effective, and the animals don’t mind the aroma.

Cedarwood Atlas – antiseptic

Thyme – antibacterial and antifungal

Eucalyptus lemon – prevents mosquito and tick bites

Other essentials oils that can be used to deter bug bites are Lemongrass and Tea tree oils.


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