Should our haircare products contain silicones?

Should our haircare products contain Silicones?


What are silicones? And why should we care if our hair care products contain them?

Silicones are produced by reacting Silicon – one of the earth’s most common elements – and some chemicals to produce polymers that can be found in thousands of products and applications.

For skin and hair care, there are two main types of silicones used: Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone.

Cyclomethicone is an oil-soluble liquid that offers good spreading and detackification (if that’s a word) to our hair care.  What this means is that if your shampoo has ingredients like glycerin or honey, that can feel tacky when used, Cyclomethicone helps them feel less tacky and helps them glide over your hair or skin.

It is deposited at the surface of the hair and spreads over the surface, coating the hair shaft.  By doing this, it brings all the other ingredients along, helping them glide nicely and coating the hair with a thin film and then evaporates.  Now isn’t that filmy stuff what we want to avoid in our hair?

Yes and no.  This product will help with wet combing, delivers the active ingredients to your hair, then evaporates, which decreases drying time.  So if you have unmanageable or frizzy hair having this product in your shampoo is a must.

Dimethicone in hair care improves wet and dry combing, helps with shine, improves hair softness, reduces static charge, and works as a humidity resistor.  It is used in conditioning shampoos or conditioners.

Dimethicone migrates to the surface of your hair, forming a nice film that not only protects your hair but keeps all the good stuff in the conditioner on your hair.

For thin hair, it helps with static energy.  For frizzy, flyaway hair, it helps to tame it down and help with humidity absorption.

Most people stay away from non-natural products because of either harmful side-effects or because of build-up that leaves the hair dull and weighed down.

There are no known harmful effects on the usage of silicones in our hair care products.

I make both shampoo and conditioner with natural products but add a small amount of silicones to make them even better.  They leave no residue. In fact, they clean your hair of any build-up.  My hair is shiny, soft and healthy.

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